Since the Diefenbooker Race started in 1996 until 2017 the funds raised have been used to supply the Carp, Constance Bay (CB) and Fitzroy Harbour (FH) libraries with a large number of goods.
You can view the long list of all those past contributions here.

Beginning in 2018 the Diefenbooker Race has been inviting the West Carleton branches of the Ottawa Public Library and 5 primary schools — St. Michael’s Corkery, St. Michael’s Fitzroy Harbour, Huntley Centennial, St. Remi and Stonecrest — to submit funding proposals for literacy projects. See the School Competition page to read all about the competition and how to get involved.

Below are some of the results for 2018, the first year of this literacy project, showing how schools made use of the funds they received.

St. Michael School, Fitzroy

  • St. Michaels, Fitzroy purchased around $2000 in books for the library/LC.
  • Kristal Craig, the Library Technician, purchased around $2000 in books for the library/LC. Below are pictures of just a few of them as most are out on loan.
  • There is also a picture of a class set of BLUE BOTS, $800. The school and classes are loving these. The students are really set to program in both languages.

So much fun is being had with all they have purchased so far.

Kathryn Erickson, Junior FSL Teacher, has also created a Google Photo Album with all sorts of images and videos from their Diefenbooker 2018 experience!
Included are social media posts, promotion and use of funds.
Click here for the Google Photo Album of St Michael, Fitzroy’s 2018 experience.


Stonecrest Elementary School

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