School Competition

We are excited to invite West Carleton Elementary Schools to compete in our 3rd Diefenbooker School Challenge!  A trophy and a cash prize will be awarded to the school with the largest percentage of its population involved in the races, either as a volunteer or a race participant.  Thinking that your school is so large that you won’t be able to rally a big enough group? Don’t you worry. This year we have made a few adjustments to ensure that all eligible elementary schools will have the opportunity to share the wealth!

Each participating school will be awarded with a cash prize to promote literacy in their school.  The more people that register, the higher the prize. Based on the number of racers  by May 2, 2020, the literacy promotion money will be shared among the participating schools.  Each school with

  • 5% participation (per capita) will receive $500
  • 10% participation (per capita) will receive $750
  • 20% participation (per capita) will receive $1000
  • 50% participation (per capita) will receive $2000

When you register for the race, there is a school affiliation drop down menu. Have all parents, students, friends and family select your school when they register, as they will all count towards your participation percentage.

In order to receive funds in 2020 there are a few criteria to be met.  We are no longer requiring a lengthy proposal, instead we are looking to focus on innovation and accountability!  In conjunction with administration and staff, the School Council will:

  • Outline how the school will promote the race (ex. Newsletter, social media, Diefenbooker shirt days, run club, school website)

  • Share their plans for the money that they could win in 2020 (guest author visit, books, financial literacy tools, robotics, literacy programs, field trip to a library etc.)

  • Share pictures of their process, progress and planning leading up to and including Race Day (for the Diefenbooker Race website and social media)

  • (for returning school challenge participants) Evidence/receipts showing how your 2019 winning funds were spent to promote literacy at your school.  Please note that without this accountability, you will not be eligible to receive funds in 2020.

The promotion outline, potential plan for 2020 winnings and evidence of prior spending are due Friday, March 13, 2020.

There was an information meeting with School Council Representatives on Wednesday, January 22, 2020.  Lots of enthusiasm from St. Michael, Fitzroy, Stonecrest Elementary and St. Michael, Corkery. If your school was unable to attend and they are hoping to get involved, please send an email to as soon as possible.  

Check out the proceeds page to see what some of the schools did with the funds they received.