About the Race

For runners, walkers and cyclists of all ages

The funds raised support organizations in West Carleton that promote literacy, encourage physical activity or personal wellness.

The Diefenbooker Classic promotes community fun, as well as serious racing.

There are events for all ages including:

  • 5 and 10 km running races,
  • 5 km walk,
  • 5, 18 and 33 km cycle tours,
  • youth events, including:
    • a 1 km running race for 12 years old and under,
    • a “Loonie Loop” short races for 2 to 6 yrs old.

Once again, our title sponsors were the West Carleton Medical-Dental Centre and West Physio.

Support from both new and returning sponsors is greatly appreciated.


24 Years of Racing History

How We Got Started

The Diefenbooker got started in 1996. Money was needed for a new library and Kathy Fischer had the inspirational idea of starting an event with running and cycling to raise funds and provide an outlet for people to participate in fitness. Many of the original committee are still contributing today: Bernie Gorman, Anne Musca and Kathy.

Our Founders

  • Kathy Fischer
  • Dixie Trenholm
  • Ed Burman
  • Doug McNab
  • Bernie Gorman
  • Anne Musca¬†
  • Jim Collings

Our First Race

$ Donated

$250,000 supporting literacy in West Carleton